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General Instructions On How To Use This Wiki

To navigate this site, please use prev and next links on the top left corner; a full text search will be implemented soon to search things of this Wiki. To create or edit a page, you need to sign up an account and log in. Once you have logged in, an edit link should be visible on every page, on which you can click and edit an existing page.

Creating a new page is by typing in an URL which does not exist yet under this site. For example, assuming page http://keenhenry-wiki.appspot.com/music does not exist and you want to create a page about music with this URL, simply enter that URL into the address bar in your browser, a new blank page will appear for you to insert contents.

To make editing web content easier, this site supports editing in Markdown syntax. Of course, it is also no problem if editing with only HTML.

Using Markdown

Markdown Syntax should be fairly good reference if you are new to it. Frequently used syntax is listed here for quick reference:

### Headers # This is an H1 ## This is an H2 ###### This is an H6 ### Links The link text is delimited by \[square brackets\]. The URL is placed inside a pair of parentheses immediately follows the square brackets. For example: [This link](http://example.net/) In addition, Markdown supports another shortcut style of links: **automatic links**. Automatic links are links where the link text and its URL are the same. Just enclose the URL in a pair of angle brackets. For example: will translates to http://example.com/ ### Lists Unordered lists: + Red + Green + Blue Ordered lists: 1. Bird 2. McHale 3. Parish ### Emphasis *single asterisks* _single underscores_ **double asterisks** __double underscores__ will produce: single asterisks single underscores double asterisks double underscores